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49th Elected Emperor Christopher Too

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I am Chris Saenz and I represent the IDC under the name Christopher Too. I am happily married to my husband, of 13 ½ years, Brian. We have been together 33 ½ years. I have been an educator for 28 years. In addition to my career and IDC involvement, I am a charter member of the Visalia Pride Lions Club. My history with VPLC goes back to the spring of 2008. I am proud of my commitment and longevity to my relationship, educational career, and Lionism. This speaks as a testimony to my commitment and dedication I am willing to take as long as I hold a vested interest in what I am a part of.

My knowledge of the IDC goes back to the days of Empresses Nikki, Cassie Holiday, Montana, and Ashley Abbot performing on stages in the bars back in the mid to late 80’s. Fast forward to 25 - 28 years later as I attend my first coronation, Coronation 41. It was non-stop involvement from that moment on. The camaraderie, entertainment, family, and having a feeling of belonging set me on a path like none I would have expected. This concept of belonging was much different than that of my involvement in the Pride Lions Club. There was a true feeling of family, a chosen family. Connections were developed which became deeper and closer than with my own blood family. I found a new place to actually discover myself as a gay, married, adult male of 48 years of age, I discovered a group which shared values and a purpose I did not realize was missing from my life.

In January 2018, in the middle of Reign 44, I was elected as Parliamentarian. During Reign 45 I was again elected Parliamentarian. During Reign 46 I was elected Treasurer. I served as Imperial Crown Prince during Reign 47 and I currently am serving as Secretary for Reign 48. I have been bestowed the following titles and awards:

  • IDC Silver Eagle Award, May 2015

  • IDC Founder’s Award, May 2018

  • IDC Diamond Knight for Life, May 2018

  • IDC Grand Duke of Visalia, May 2019

  • IDC Chairman’s Award, May 2019

  • The International Imperial Order of the Double Eagle, May 2019

  • Alameda/Contra Costa Royal Grand Duke 27, Future Monarch Award, July 2019

  • IDC Golden Dove Award, May 2021

  • ICLAH Empress to Imperial Crown Prince Award, November 2021

  • The International Royal Order of Jose I, December 2021

  • The International Royal Order Emperor I Gregg, March 2022


I know it is my time to step up to lead and ensure the success of our organization and continue to contribute to the giving spirit we are known for. I plan to continue the momentum that the IDC has been developing over the nearly 49 years of existence. 

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