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50th Elected Emperor Zayn Anthony

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My name is Zayn Anthony, I am your 50th Elected Emperor and the First Trans Emperor of The Imperial Dove Court de Fresno. My pronouns he/him. I am a strong LGBTQ+ activist, educator, performer, and Trans Dad of 7-year-old twins. My involvement in the Imperial Dove Court marks a decade in 2023. Becoming a drag king performer (pre-transition) allowed me to express my true identity and paved the way for my authenticity, involvement, activism, and community leadership.

Serving as President/ Chairperson of Trans- E- Motion for two consecutive years in a row (2021 and 2022), gave me the opportunity to help allocate thousands of dollars in grants, working with Equality California, to fund special programs focused on gender- affirming care for our transgender, non-binary, and gender- expansive community. During my time with Trans- E- Motion, I have led and facilitated board meetings, committee meetings, created meeting agendas, support groups, wellness workshops, developed budgets for events, fundraised, and hosted the two major annual events, Trans Day of Visibility (Spring) and Trans Day of Remembrance (Fall).


In June of 2021, ABC30 studios featured a nationwide documentary that would air globally on Hulu called, “Our America, Who I’m Meant To Be.” I was selected to represent the Central Valley and share my story worldwide. This can still be viewed on Season 1, episode 6.I aspired to be the first Transgender Emperor of the Imperial Dove Court de Fresno and we did it. Being a father and wanting to involve more youth in our organization, I would like to create more family friendly events, fundraisers, and junior titles. While still respecting the monthly traditions of the court, I feel it is extremely important to create a safe space for our youths


The first year I became involved with the court was under reign 40. My first title with the IDC was Grand Duke 41 For Life, under the reign of Emperor 41, Robert Lujan, and beloved Empress 41, Joanna Jackson, may she rest in peace. I continued to stay involved and volunteer with the IDC year after year. In 2018, I earned the title of Mr. Tranz Fresno For Life. This year, I was selected as Imperial Crown Prince Royale to the 49th reign for Emperor 49, Christopher Too and Empress 49 Venus De Carlo. As we celebrate 50 years, I would like to take a moment to personally thank all of you for everything you have put into this community organization. With the help of each and every one of you, the Imperial Dove Court continues to be the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ 501(c )3 non-profit organization in the Central Valley and proceeds to heighten.

While entering a new generational decade, and with my outstanding skills and talent, it is my absolute honor to the first Trans Emperor of the 50th reign of the Imperial Dove Court de Fresno.

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