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Reign 49 - top 11
Brian Bayless.jpg

Prince Imperial
Husband to the Emperor

Brian Bayless

Josh Torres_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown
Prince 49

Josh Torres

kye lah_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown
Princess 49

Kye-Lah De Leon

Zayn Anthony_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Prince
Royale 49

Zayn Anthony


Imperial Crown Princess
Royale 49

Rosio De La Rosa

Fed Rodriguez_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Marquis 49

Jay Zee

sharron Jackson_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Marquesa 49

Sharron Jackson

Ray Quenga_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Baron 49

Ray Quenga

patricia de leon_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Baroness 49

Patricia De Leon

Fed Rodriguez_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Count 49

Fed Rodriguez

athena diamond_edited.jpg

Imperial Crown Countess 49

Athena Diamond

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