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49th Elected Empress Venus De Carlo

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My name is Venus De Carlo and I have been part of the court for the pass four years. I got involved little by little as my friend got ready to be a candidate for Empress. Little did I know that one day I would be standing in her heels. 


I’ve been a very active member of the community since I graduated from high school in 2008. I first started getting involved in the community by attending the youth group put on by Jeff Robinson then getting involved in the Rainbow Pride Parade and Reel Pride Fresno. I’ve always loved to give back to the community that’s giving me so much and made me the person whom I am today.

I had always know about The IDC but didn’t quite know how it worked. At first I thought they just did pageants. It wasn’t till my friends started getting Involved that I learned actually what The IDC did for the community. And it just sparked my interest. During Reign 45 I began to attend more events and volunteering. It was during 45 that I Decided to run for Mizz Gay Fresno 2019. And I won!!! 


During my year as Mizz Gay Fresno 2019 I learned so much more about these amazing organization. Before my year was over I put on a Super Bowl BBQ at Alibi. It was a very successful event. To see what I could achieve just put more fuel in myself to do more within these organization. Then during Reign 46 I was asked to be part of The Empress’ top five. 

Reign 46 taught me a lot especially once Miss Corona Virus decided to make her debut. The world as we knew changed so drastically and so did the way The Court did things. Just as the world evolve to learn how to work around this virus so did the court. One more my friends decided to step up for Empress and she asked if I would be her ICP 47. I was so honored to be asked. I was ready to learn more and get more involved. 


During Reign 47 everything was done online. It was an amazing learning experience. At the end of  the Reign, Empress 47 gave me the title of Imperial Crown princess 47 for life. So here comes Reign 48 and I was asked by my beloved Nana to be her ICP 48. These Reign started virtual but as Covid 19 has been Some what controlled we have been able to have in person event and travel to other courts. 


This past year has been so amazing. From finally being able to be around our loved ones to being able to have in person events. This year has taught me so much and I have gotten to meet some amazing new friends. I have found this huge love for this organization that so many of my friends are part of. It’s just makes sense that I take the next step.  I’m ready to work harder than I have ever and give it my all. 


Taking a note from one my favorite Fictional character Frank N. Furter, Don’t DREAM it, be it. 

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