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50th Elected Empress Kye-Lah De Leon

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My name is Kye-Lah De Leon and some of you may know me as Noriko. I am your 50th Elected Empress
of The Imperial Dove Court de Fresno. I would like to talk about how I was introduced to the Imperial Dove
Court De Fresno back in 2015 during Absolute Empress 42 Leilani Price's reign. One of my best friends Danny Richardson who some of you may know as Sasha Allure one day asked me if I wanted to compete in a pageant, I replied to him what pageant and he said it was for Mizz Tranz Fresno. I immediately said yes with no hesitations and got all what I needed with the help of my newly drag Mother Patricia Deleon who asked me to be her drag baby in 2015 and my two sisters Melody De Leon and Victoria De Leon who are both Absolute Empresses of the IDC Fresno. The pageant was held on Saturday February 13, 2016, where I was crowned Mizz Tranz Fresno 2016.


Since then, I have been actively involved with the court and have had the honor of serving our community with the following plat form Titles, Mizz Gay Fresno 2017, Grand Duchess 45 for life and ICP 49. I have been a part of a few committees for our court helping to organize and set up events such as Tranz Ball, Investitures, Ducal, 4M, Mirror Ball, Pre-Thanksgiving, Closet ball, ICP Ball and second Sunday shows. I have had the Opportunity to represent the 49 reign as Imperial Crown Princess while attending out of town events for other court events in the international court system. I was a guest entertainer for L. A Hollywood Investitures, Long Beach Mirror Ball and Sacramento ICP Ball. Being a part of this organization and seeing all that everyone has worked so hard for pushes and motivates me to help continue all the hard work over the years by giving back to our community.


By giving back, not just raising money throughout the year but just simply showing support to our community without any expectation of getting anything back in return. While doing all of this we have fun, meeting new people and changing lives. Given My active years of involvement with the IDC, I am ready and prepared to serve as empress 50. I plan on continuing the momentum that the IDC has developed over the years for all of us. I plan to continue and lead the IDC in volunteer efforts in Fresno/Madera area by volunteering alongside other organizations to provide services like food, and shelter that would change the quality of how people live their lives especially in the LGBTQ+ community.


My goal is to continue to be a visible member of the IDC and influence the perception of individuals
in our LGBTQ+ by others in the community. I want to help drive others to give back to our community regardless of group membership or affiliation.

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